The Inkwell Computer Is Almost Here

After working to find an optimized device for K12 computing for a decade or so, I am very pleased to announce that SNS Project Inkwell has just released its first Requirements List for such a device. This list, while not a spec, describes exactly what is needed to make the next-generation educational learning device.

This is pretty exciting. Others have tried to make $100 computers (I had one twenty years ago), but this is the first time vendors, teachers, administrators, and many others interested in teaching and learning have gotten together to describe their ideal device for teaching and learning.

Those who are interested in getting more details can go to

Meanwhile, we are already starting work on version 2.0. The first version was intended to come from existing (on the shelf) technologies, but the next version is not quite so constrained, and should be yet another quantum leap forward for global kids and teachers.

I should add that SNS Project Inkwell has just concluded its latest quarterly working session, this one in Arizona, with a guest visit from Governor Janet Napolitano. We think AZ may be a key state in 1:1 computing going forward, and we were happy to hear of the Governor’s support of Inkwell, and look forward to working with her to help AZ in its drive for renewal in science and education.

I would like to thank Chair Don Budinger and the Rodel Foundations for their help in Arizona and worldwide, in achieving these shared goals.

I am very pleased to announce that Gateway Computers has just joined SNS Project Inkwell, and we look forward to their participation as we move to large-scale production of these new devices.