Visiting Friends

I had a chance to visit my oldest friend and his family today. I’ve known him since I was born, essentially; he lived next to me, and we became first friends, and have been friends ever since. We occasionally fall quiet in our communications, but we have always stayed in touch. Lately, though, we’ve been busy raising families, doing work, etc., and we had let too much time go by, more than a decade, so when I had a chance to be near his state, I dropped by.

I have a few friends who I’ve known since elementary school, and many more from high school, but having a friend as old as you are is a rather wonderful, and almost indescribable, thing. We can talk about relatives dead and alive, friends come and gone, old loves, new ideas, and it’s as comfortable as putting on a well-worn coat.

There’s nothing like it, and yet it doesn’t happen very often. Relationships of any kind take time, the ultimate currency of today, and effort, and I feel lucky and happy to have had one of such length.