Without a warning, winter came to our island this week, with over a foot of snow, and trees downed everywhere. The power went out immediately, and the phones followed soon after. Many of us have lived on this island for decades, and these storms, while always inconvenient, also take us back to the days when we first lived here. For many of us, and for me, those days were spent with only wood heat and kerosene light.

I suppose this is unusual for someone who now makes his living through technology. But coming here was a change for me, moving from an urban/suburban life to something more basic. It got more basic again this week.

Batteries, kerosene, water, candles, gas, 4 wheel drives, and chain saws are what matters when you have only yourself to rely upon if something goes wrong in a storm. It is invigorating, even if difficult. It is too early to know yet if anyone has died or been injured in this storm, but I have to say I still enjoy living somewhere wild enough where these questions come up.