The New Era Begins

I won’t spend a lot of time on all of the ways that the Old Era was wrong; every person, every country, every agreement, every chance was harmed by this last retrograde power putsch. That era is now over, and, I hope, a new era has begun.

You don’t mind if I use the Eastern European term for a power grab, do you?

Now, by regaining control of the House, one certain thing happens: the bad people are now thwarted. By “bad,” I mean “mindless.” It is time for our representatives to talk to each other, in deciding our own good.

Does that sound subjective? Good, it is.

Those promoting future wars will be stopped. And this is good.

We will now move to a government that decides issues based upon merit, instead of upon fealty. The world may now take a well-deserved breath, as the U.S.S. US rights itself, after a long period of storm.

We came within an inch of total self-destruction. Please now allow us a month or so to re-create our government, in a new light.