Suggestions for Steve Jobs

I got an email this morning from Steve Waite, alum of Morgan Stanley and TIP research, our Ahead of the Curve co-producer, and a serious musician, with a suggestion for Steve Jobs. Since SNS is often read by both Steve and his iPod team, this may be a fairly direct route to him.

Steve Waite wrote:

“Here’s my suggestion:

“Create a way for iTunes users to EASILY email links to albums, songs, TV shows, movies, books etc., to friends. I think this would be a great way to promote content on the iTunes website. I realize you can right click and copy the url link into an email and send that way. However, I think it would be better to have a one step process in iTunes.

“I also believe Steve [Jobs]and the gang could do a better job at promoting bands. I see no reason why MySpace shouldn’t have some competition from one of the great innovators of digital content on the web. If you haven’t noticed lately, MySpace is becoming the “King of Spam.”

“Steve Waite”

If anyone else has advice for Steve, this might be a simple time and place to put it forward. My own suggestion: change the DRM setup on iTunes so that other players have equal standing. If not, Microsoft and others will use your constraints against you, as happened in the OS wars.

(Btw, did you all notice how few times the name Steve occurs in the new Woz biography, “iWoz”? Ow.)