Without going into a lot of detail, I was asked last week if I would prepare a discussion and points of view to be shared with a group meeting reporting to top miltary personnel. After a couple of talks on the telephone with the person who initiated these calls, I agreed.

Because the meeting was held at the Pentagon (or somewhere nearby on the east coast), an offer was made to set up a videoconferencing link through the Whidbey Naval Air Station nearby, which I accepted. The meeting happened this afternoon.

This is not the first time I’ve been involved in trying to make sure my own country is, particularly defensively, safe; I’ve also helped on bioterror defense strategies, pandemic planning, and, as SNS Members may recall, Project Intelligent Response. PIR was a group response to the 9.11 attacks, laying out how member companies and their technologies could be used to fight terror. I was able to hand-deliver bound copies of this book 30 days after the attacks, to Senators and others in DC who would benefit.

Today I briefed a 12 member team for two hours on how to reduce loss of life.

Without going into detail about the meeting’s contents, I want to thank the Navy and Marines for the honor of being asked for comment, and I hope that the contents of today’s discussion will be useful. Not surprisingly, every part of this experience was conducted in the most professional way possible, and those involved made it a real pleasure to be part of the process.

If I find that I can share the contents of this meeting, I’ll be happy to do so here and in SNS. Until then, it’s enough to say that I’m pleased I could find a way to be of assistance that may lead to saved lives.

All in all, it was an experience that made the investment of time and thought worthwhile.

My thanks go out to all involved.